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I’m Liz Angeli (pronounded AN-juh-lee, like “Angela” but with a “lee” at the end; she/her/hers), and I’m an educator, researcher, and spiritual director. My work is guided by three questions:

  • How do we show up for our lives?
  • How do we show up for ourselves?
  • How do we show up for others?
Liz Angeli, she/her/hers
Liz Angeli, Ph.D. Photo credit: Marquette University.

I practice what’s called a spiritual academic life, a life that is informed and transformed by a connection with the divine, a meditative/prayer practice, a commitment to diving deep into questioning and slowing down, and being open to how these experiences inform teaching and scholarship.

A spiritual academic life involves fellowship, community, and–perhaps most importantly–listening with intent to people and to the inner self.